• Micronized silica  is synthetic, amorphous, porous and acidic-base silica powder whose size ranges from 2 microns up to 20 microns.
  • Micronized silica products offer the formulator an excellent balance and value of properties to meet demanding performance requirements.
  • Micronized silica products are manufactured to exacting consistency, purity and quality standards.
    • Pore Volume : 0.4 – 2.5 cc/g
    • Surface Area : 200 – 800 m2/g
    • Oil Absorption : 90 – 400 cc/100g
    • Surface treatment : organic, inorganic
  • Advantages of micronized silica in plastic
    1. Excellent dispersibility.
    2. Reproducible product quality.
    3. Stopping the blocking effect of polymer film.
    4. A nice finish to film, sheet and extrudes.
    5. Giving molds the release they need.
  • The properties of Micronized Silica as an anti-blocking agent are maintaining transparency with the same refractive index of film and not being condensed between silica in film.
  • Selecting anti-blocking agent for plastic film is very important because it has great effect on manufacturing condition and quality level of the film.