• It absorbs the proteins which cause beer turbid just within several minutes, and then it is removed through filtering.
  • The silica gel can prolong beer storage period by 180-240 days and keep beer from being cold turbidity. It does not affect the beer foam or taste.
  • Thanks to its superior physical and chemical properties, it does not have any bad effect on the beer foam or taste. It is proved by practice that beer silica gel is the safest beer stabilizer generally recognized by beer industry all over the world.
  • It helps to improve the filtration effect. It is chemically stable and no beer soluble substances existing. Its surface area and porous structure is both superior to diatomite. It is a kind of ideal filter aid in aiding diatomite in filtration, which makes beer brighter and clearer.
  • There are two methods to further process the beer, one is by biological stabilizer (sterilization process) and the other is by gel stabilizer. The further treatment by gel stabilizer is the method based on function of the beer silica gel.
  • The beer silica gel has large specific surface area and numerous fine-pored structures