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Micronized Silica

2017-03-10T17:20:25+00:00Categories: Micronized Silica|Tags: |

Micronized silica  is synthetic, amorphous, porous and acidic-base silica powder whose size ranges from 2 microns up to 20 microns. Micronized silica products offer the formulator an excellent balance and value of properties to meet demanding performance requirements. Micronized silica products are manufactured to exacting consistency, purity and quality standards. Pore Volume : 0.4 – [...]

Stabilizer for Beer

2017-07-09T15:01:37+00:00Categories: Stabilizer for Beer|Tags: |

It absorbs the proteins which cause beer turbid just within several minutes, and then it is removed through filtering. The silica gel can prolong beer storage period by 180-240 days and keep beer from being cold turbidity. It does not affect the beer foam or taste. Thanks to its superior physical and chemical properties, it [...]

Chromatography Silica gel

2017-07-09T14:44:37+00:00Categories: Chromatography Silica gel|Tags: |

Column chromatography is also called preparative liquid chromatography. It is the main chromatographic technique used to separate and refine the industrial material. The column chromatography mainly used to separate and refine traditional Chinese herbal medicine, synthetic chemicals and bio-active substances to get high-purity substances by absorption. It is also used to absorb high molecular protein [...]

Color Indicating Silica

2017-07-10T11:45:13+00:00Categories: Color Indicating Silica|Tags: |

High technology absorbent which is made by further processing the highly active narrow pore silica gel. They indicate how much moisture having been absorbed and the humidity on the air. They can be packed in pouch. This product is mainly used for drying, indicating the degree of drying or humidity, and widely used in precise [...]

Type B

2017-02-22T09:41:59+00:00Categories: Type B|Tags: |

Low absorption capacity in low humidity compared to Type A. High absorption capacity in high humidity compared to Type A. Better than Type A in tropical and oceanic climates. In environment that does not need over-drying. It can adjust the moisture and much better to use to protect the calligraphy and painting, especially the ancient [...]

Type A

2017-02-22T09:39:43+00:00Categories: Type A|Tags: |

To put in the package of instruments, electronic products, leather, shoes, clothes, food, medicine and appliances. To prevent items against dampening, mildewing and rusting. To refine organic compounds by dehydration. To be used as the catalyst carrier. Because of its high bulk density and high performance to absorb moisture in low humidity, it can be [...]

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