1. Specific Area: The whole superficial area one gram silica has, including inside micro-pore area and outside area. Unit: m2/g
  2. Pore Volume : The whole inside volume has one gram silica. Unit: ml/g
  3. Pore Diameter : The diameter of inside hole. Unit:  Å.  It was calculated by PV and Specific area. 1nm=10 Å.
  4. Absorption : Under a certain relative humidity, how many grams steam the silica can absorb to reach saturation.  The weight of silica is « Absorption capacity ». Unit: %
  5. Bulk Density : weight of silica gel divide by its volume. Unit: g/L.
  6. pH
  7. Specific resistance : It’s the resistance of the solution in 1cm. It’s means purity of silica gel. Specific resistance higher, purity higher. Unit: Ω.cm
  8. Smell absorbency.

Silica Gels Absorption



      • Types B and C (Cat Litter) Silica Gels have a low absorption capacity in humidity environment of less than 65% compared to Type A.

      • Type C silica gel (cat litter) has a low absorption capacity in a moisture environment of less than 95% compared to Type B.

      • Type C silica gel has a high absorption capacity in high humidity environment of more than 95% compared to Types A and B.